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Quality Assurance

At Colonial Patterns, we take great pride in offering our Quality Assurance Guarantee. Our quality control and inspection process is monitored during each step. From the moment we receive the order until we ship the order, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality materials in our molds and throughout the engineering and building process.

We build our business on this assurance guarantee and we stand behind it. Our highly skilled quality assurance personnel know that our work is our signature. They diligently work to make sure all work is completed as promised and with that signature quality of the company on each and every piece we produce.

image hereAll the time we spend on making sure your products are produced with quality saves us time and builds better business relationships and a solid foundation of continued business. We know it sets us apart from competitors and we consistently meet the continued needs of our customers.

We have continued the tradition of producing quality, made in the USA products at prices you could expect to gain overseas. Our customers know the importance of returning to quality made products that support our economy and our communities. If you are having products manufactured overseas, we urge you to contact our company to let us provide you with quality USA made and manufactured products at less cost.

We at Enterprise Plastics strive to accomodate even the impossible in terms of turn around times for rush jobs. We can also handle short runs and provide the best prices.

When you have a project that needs importance placed on quality and time, contact Enterprise Plastics to make sure it is done right and right on time!

We look forward to working with you.

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