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Industries Served

Colonial Patterns has worked with many different clients and in various industries. We have worked with individuals developing prototypes and models and we have served several large companies with engineering, developing and production.

Inventors: Need a product designed and not sure where to start? Give us a call to let us help take you from idea to creation and then to production to get your products in the store.

Lighting & Electronics: If you need casings, over molding, parts, etc. for your electronics or lighting products, we can help.

Cosmetic & Personal Care Companies: We have designed, developed and manufactured plastic bottles, containers and cases for several large companies that provide products to the cosmetic & personal care industries.

Tooling & Parts: From 1 item to thousands, we can create the parts or tools you need for your products. Injection Molding is a cost effective way to produce large quantities of parts. There are no manufacturing limits on your part. Any commercial available material can be used in the production of the part, and any surface finish can be applied. We can produce rubber parts and gaskets to your exact specifications.

Medical and Pharmaceutical: From high precision molds to medical device development we can supply quality and a cost effective solution.

Consumer Products: When you need a company to produce your consumer products, let Enterprise work with you to get the products to the store with higher quality and less time. Made in the USA is important in consumer products. Let us help you lower the cost of producing your consumer products here in the US with a quick to market approach.

Industrial Products: Products used in the industrial industry are put to the test in durability. We can use materials to produce components that will hold up in a rough industrial environment. From extreme temperatures to rough handling and agressive solvents, industrial products need to stand the test of time. Work with a company that understands the needs of your industry to create products that will not only stand up to its application but with effective costs and solutions that will work for you.

Retail: We can customize a retail display solutions for your showcasing needs.

Aerospace: We design and develop solutions for the aerospace market.

Our sister company can also provide the manufacturing process to get your product to market. We specialize in short runs and can handle large demands with a quick turnaround.

Contact us for all your molding and development needs.


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